What is a Purple Apple Pie?

Really, this is a just a simple blog filled with illustrations.

The comic topics are random. Every “slice” of life is a comic I have done based on a personal experience or just completely exploring a random topic. I hope you enjoy the site and that it either helps waste time at work bringing you closer to being at home with a glass of wine. Or at the very least, gives you a chuckle which is the greatest respite from this pretty f*&%’d up world.

Let me know what you think! Email me:


Oh, and everything on this site is made from scatch as you can see. But when was the last time you saw a blog with a self illustrated over sized enlarged upon uploading header? Dreamweaver 2004 has roots in this site appearance.

If you’d like more on me and this site, read my intro email to friends upon launching…

My Show and Tell!

I need to check this off my bucket list so here goes…I’ve always wanted to do an illustrated blog. My thing is taking adventures or heard stories and turning them into comical illustrations. I write & illustrate everything except in the one case of the words of, “The Ass,” by the authours of BBC’s Coupling.

This website’s purpose is to show you what I like to do~chuckle communications.

***Uh, after you write or call me to tell me how brilliant and funny I am, please let me know viewer tips from your experience. One obstacle in my doing this is that I’m never going to have the finished sharp current web design I’d like. I published when I felt it had the basic skeleton of what I needed to show. Tina Fey said something about how SNL skits go on not when they are finished but when it is 11:30. Tell all your friends to come see and share too!





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